How to Make Sharpie Marker Permanent on a T-Shirt

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When you want your drawing to stand the test of time, choosing a Sharpie marker is one way to do it. Sharpie is well-known for permanent markers, and choosing this product to make a drawing or design on a T-shirt likely will leave a permanent mark. To ensure your Sharpie design stays vivid and vibrant with time, you can take several precautions.

Launder the T-shirt as infrequently as possible. Frequent washing will fade the T-shirt over time and make the lines of the Sharpie marker less vivid. When you wash the shirt, use all-purpose washing powder and wash the T-shirt in cold water. Do not wash the T-shirt with other items like towels that will rub on the material and wear away the marker.

Dry the T-shirt in the dryer on a normal drying cycle, or dry it inside by hanging it up. Do not hang the T-shirt outside in the sun to dry because sunshine often bleaches out and fades designs.

Avoid bleach when you launder the T-shirt because the bleach will fade the Sharpie marker design. Do not allow isopropyl alcohol or hairspray to saturate the T-shirt fibres because both of these chemicals are effective for removing ink from fabrics.

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