How to wrap candied apples

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The taste of sweet red candy combined with the crisp flavours of an apple create the perfect pairing in the form of candy apples.

The traditional toffee apple is an apple on a stick dipped in melted red candy mixture, but modern candy apples are dipped in a variety of melted sauces and rolled in toppings such as nuts, candy sprinkles and chocolate chips. Homemade candy apples make a great personalised gift. Wrapping them can be tricky because of the stick and the candy coating, but cellophane paper works well for wrapping candied apples.

Allow the freshly-dipped toffee apple to cool completely on waxed paper.

Lay a sheet of 12-inch by 12-inch cellophane flat on a counter.

Place the toffee apple in the centre of the cellophane sheet. You can use clear cellophane or coloured cellophane for a more festive look.

Gather up the edges of the cellophane paper to cover the toffee apple and have the edges meet at the stick at the top of the apple.

Tie the cellophane to the stick using decorative ribbon. Cut excess cellophane at the top if necessary.