Diy centerpieces with branches & lights

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Elegant centrepieces made with tree branches and lights bring a warm, romantic flair to your dining or living room. They're also an ideal choice for wedding table centrepieces in the fall and winter, or focal pieces on an office end table. Create your own centrepiece and enjoy its luxurious appeal while being frugal. Once you learn how easy it is to make one, create more for every season, plus holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Visit a craft store to purchase a white boa with faux feathers and a 1-foot tall, 1-foot wide vase. Insert the boa into the vase, separating and fluffing the boa feathers. Set the vase aside.

Put on your gardening gloves and head outdoors. Find tree branches that allow you to cut 3 feet of branch off while still leaving a generous stump behind. Using your lopping shears, cut branches that have multiple branches at the end to bring more dimension to your centrepiece. If you don't have a tree, ask your neighbours if they'd mind you trimming some branches off their trees. Cut three branches for your centrepiece.

Replace the gardening gloves with the latex gloves. Use you garden scissors to remove any short stumpy branches or debris. Spray the branches with white or silver spray paint until they're fully covered. Let them dry for 30 minutes and repeat.

Place the styrofoam block in the centre of the vase. Push each branch through the block so that the end hits the bottom of the vase and is secure. Begin hanging the string of clear lights starting from the upper branches working your way down. Make sure the battery pack is at the end. Put the battery pack in the centre of the vase, on top of the styrofoam block. Separate the boa feathers to the outer walls of the vase so the branch bottoms, styrofoam block and battery pack are all covered.

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