How to tie a knot in a punch balloon

Punch balloons are thicker than regular balloons and have a rubber band on the end that a child can use to punch the balloon off his fist. If you purchased a punch balloon for your child, it is easy to inflate and tie a knot in it so he can begin using it. Tying a knot in a punch balloon is similar to tying a knot in a regular balloon, but it is slightly more difficult since you're tying off a thicker and less elastic material.

Inflate the punch balloon and pinch the base of the balloon with the thumb, index finger and middle finger of one hand. Pinch it firmly so the air can't escape.

Grasp the end of the balloon with the thumb and index finger on your free hand. Stretch the neck approximately 4 to 6 inches, depending on how big the punch balloon is. You may have to stretch out the neck a few times so you will have enough elasticity to tie the knot.

Wrap the neck of the balloon in a loop around the middle and index fingers of the hand pinching off the balloon. Bring the end of the balloon around to the back of your middle and index fingers.

Tuck the end of the balloon under the looped portion on your index and middle fingers and pull the end through to form the knot. Now that you have tied a knot in the punch balloon, you can attach the string and begin playing with the balloon.

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