How to Hide a Number Being Texted

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When sending text messages from your cellphone, your cell number or name will appear along with the text message. If you need to send a text message but wish to hide your cellphone number, you can use an online text message website.

You will not have to enter your cellphone number or even your name if you don't want to. Some of these websites are free to use and discreet, which is especially useful if you are texting someone you admire and wish to remain anonymous.

Open your Internet browser on your computer or on your cellphone if you have the Internet application available.

Navigate to a text message website where you can send a text message without revealing your cellphone number to the recipient. There are many such websites available.

Fill out the provided form on the website that includes the recipient's name and cell number, wireless provider and the text message. If you would like the person to know the text is from you, include your name in the text message.

Send the text message. The recipient will receive the message almost immediately and without your cellphone number.