Instructions for Loading a Xyron 510

Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

The Xyron 510 is a hand-cranked machine that allows the user to make small stickers, laminate items and even create magnets. The 5-inch-wide machine uses no heat and includes a cutter. The user loads separate cartridges into the Xyron 510, depending on the type of cartridge needed.

Each cartridge comes with a top and bottom laminating or adhesive element. These cartridges can be removed when they aren't fully used, giving you flexibility to move from one project to the next.

Lift the latch on top of the Xyron 510 to open the cartridge compartment.

Pull out the old cartridge if one is inside.

Insert a new cartridge right side up, using the side tracks on the machine as a guide.

Roll the film out a bit to make sure it has been placed under the cut bar.

Press down on the latch to close the lid. A clicking sound ensures that it's locked in position.

Crank the material through the machine slightly to make sure everything is lined up.