How to Potty Train Jug Puppies

Jug puppies are recognised by the American Canine Hybrid Club as a hybrid mix of Jack Russell terrier and English Pug. The name Jug is actually a creation from the hyphenation of the original name Jack-o-pug. Similar to the Pug, the Jug has a small face, a short nose and a curly tail. Jugs are typically a loving and highly intelligent pet, so it's recommended that you start things like potty training early.

Be consistent. One of the largest parts of potty training a dog is being consistent. Take your pet outside shortly after every meal or snack, in the morning when it wakes, or every few hours.

Establish potty training vocabulary. This way your pet understands that certain words means it's time to go to the potty and eventually will begin to wait for those words before going potty. Set up a few words like "Potty," "Do your business" or "Get busy" to signify that it's time to potty. Your dog will begin to recognise and respond to these words.

Praise or reward your pet. When your pet uses the potty outside praise them immediately after. Jug's are smart, so they'll begin to realise that if they potty outside they'll get to play or be given a treat.

Stay alert. All dogs have accidents, especially pups. If your dog begins to go in the house, clap your hands. This action will usually stop your pet from going potty. Immediately leash and take the pet outside and let them finish. If this happens enough, your dog will begin to catch on that going potty in the house is a definite no.

Talk to your dog and watch for signs. Dogs are smart animals. So you'll need to watch your pet closely for the signs that it's beginning to catch on to training. When your pet uses the bathroom in the house, scold it sternly; conversely, employ Step 2 when it begins to whimper, scratch at the door or bark to go potty outside.

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