Cellular accounts with Virgin Mobile include voicemail, a feature for answering missed calls and storing recorded messages. To access your Virgin Mobile voicemail, you must enter your 4-digit passcode (password). This passcode ensures that unatuhorized users to do not have access to your voicemail account. It is important to change or reset your password every now and then. This improves the security of your voicemail account.

Press and hold the "1" button on your phone to dial into your voicemail. When prompted, enter your current passcode. If you want to access voicemail from a home or work phone, call your Virgin Mobile number and press the "*" key. When prompted, enter your pass code.

Press the "3" button to change your personal options and then press "2" to change the administrative options.

Press "4" to change the passcode. Enter the new passcode you want to use and save the changes.


Call Virgin Mobile at 1-888-322-1122 or dial "*VM" (without quotes) from your Virgin Mobile phone if you have forgotten your passcode. Have the Account PIN (vKey) that you chose when you signed up. An adviser will help you reset your passcode.