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Yankee Candle Lighter Refill Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Yankee Candle is known for a line of scented candles sold in boutiques and stores in shopping centres and malls. The company also licenses its name to the Zippo lighter company, which manufactures and sells Yankee Candle Lighters in different styles and colours. Yankee Candle lighters operate essentially the same as other electronic lighters and use butane fuel. A valve on the bottom of the lighter receives the butane fuel under pressure for refilling.

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  1. Remove the small screw at the base of the lighter handle and set aside to expose the gas valve inside.

  2. Push the tip of the screwdriver into the valve on the lighter to bleed air out of the small fuel tank inside.

  3. Insert the plastic tip on the butane can into the nozzle while holding the lighter upside-down. Press to open the valve and release gas into the lighter. Refill the lighter for five seconds, or until a short burst of butane spurts from the valve, indicating the tank is full.

  4. Replace the screw over the valve. The lighter is refilled and ready for use.

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Things You'll Need

  • Small flat-blade screwdriver
  • Butane fuel pressurised in a can

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