Instructions for a Veritas 8 Alarm System

The Veritas 8 alarm system is designed to give you greater control over which areas of the house you'd like secured. If there is a breach, the control panel shows you exactly which areas have been disturbed and whether any further areas had been opened after the alarm was activated.

Setting up the alarm system and changing a few of the features can easily be accomplished by pressing a few buttons.

Close all windows and doors before attempting to fully set the system. Enter your four-digit code, and wait for the "Unset" light to flash. Press the "Full" button. The exit tone will sound, which will be your cue to leave the premises. The exit tone will stop after a few seconds to indicate that the alarm is fully set.

Enter your four-digit code to silence the alarm during an alarm activation. This will cause the noise to stop, but the external strobe lights will continue to flash. The display will show which zone (door or window) caused the alarm to activate and display the locations of any other opened zones. Press "Reset" and the alarm will be changed to "Unset" mode. Enter your four-digit code, then wait for the "Unset" light to flash again. Press "Full," and wait for the exit tone to sound. The exit tone will stop when the alarm is reset.

Enter your four-digit security code if you'd like to change your code. Press the "Prog" button. Press "6" and then "0." Enter the new security code you'd like to set. Press "Prog" and "Reset" to set your new security code.

Enter your four-digit security code to test the sounders and chimes. Press "Prog," then "0" and "5." Press "3" to test the internal sounder, then "2" to test the strobe and finally "1" to test the bell. Press "Reset" twice to complete the process.