How to Change an Electric Gate Code

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Maintaining a private gate code helps ensure the security of your neighbourhood or home. Due to a variety of factors, it may become necessary to change your established code at some point. Codes are often compromised when shared with visitors to your home, including friends, family, delivery drivers or companies providing an in-home service.

While specific instructions can only be obtained from your gate's manufacturer, you can follow this general guide for information to change your electric security gate code.

Press the appropriate reprogram key on your security gate keypad.

This key will be listed in the manufacturer's product manual that came with your security gate system. It is often the pound (#) or star (*) key. There may also be a special programming key designated on your key pad.

Enter the existing programmed code into the keypad.

At this point you may need to press the appropriate reprogram key again to prompt the system for preparation for your new security code.

Follow the product specifications by entering a code of the appropriate numerical limit. Your new code should be different from any previously used codes to maintain the security of your home.

Verify the functionality of your new code designation by entering it into the keypad. Observe the gate opening successfully. Keep your new code private and share it only as necessary.

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