How to Install a Retractable Awning on a Brick Wall

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A retractable awning installed over a window or glass doors allows you to control the amount of light streaming into your room. When installed over a deck or patio, a retractable awning provides a protective patch of shade that allows you to live comfortably outdoors a little longer during hot or rainy summer days.

An awning may be manually controlled with a crank or pulley system, or electronically activated at the press of a button. You can install a retractable awning on a brick wall with some simple tools -- and a friend's help -- in just a couple of hours.

Measure the width of your retractable awning with your measuring tape. Set up your stepladders on either side of the location where your awning will be placed. Transfer the awning width measurement to the wall, marking "E" for "end" at both sides.

Measure the locations for the four mounting brackets on the wall. Position them so they are equidistant along the width you marked on the wall. Write "B" for "brackets" at each location.

Place the first bracket in position. Mark its drill holes with a pencil on the masonry material between the bricks. Check all locations marked "B" to ensure that they fall on the masonry and not on the brick.

Lay your 2-foot level between each set of marks to ensure they are level. Snap a chalk line from the first bracket to the last. Have your friend hold one end of the chalk line against the wall at the first bracket position, while you stretch the line to the last bracket position. Hold the line taut, then lift the string slightly and release it to leave a chalk line. Adjust the height of your brackets and reposition them as necessary.

Affix the 1/4-inch masonry bit to your drill and tighten it. Drill holes 3 1/2 inches deep into the masonry material at the locations marked with a "B." Remove the drill bit. Install the 5/8-inch masonry bit and tighten it. Enlarge all of the previously drilled holes with the new bit.

Tap your concrete anchors gently into the drilled holes with the hammer. Attach the brackets to the anchors by inserting 4-inch galvanised lag bolts and washers through the mounting holes and into the anchors. Screw them in place with your socket wrench. Attach the outside brackets first, then the two inside brackets.

Lift the awning with the assistance of your helper and set it in place. Slide the bracket covers over the square awning tube. Attach the clamping hardware of the brackets and tighten them with your socket wrench.