Instructions for How to Use a Morphy Richards Steamer

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The Morphy Richards brand steamer is useful for preparing healthy foods with ease. The tiered appliance not only steams vegetables but it also steams meats and fish, making it easy to prepare an entire meal. Knowing how to use a Morphy Richards steamer isn't difficult and it is lightweight and easy to clean after each use.

Fill the bottom reservoir of the steamer with cold water. Avoid using hot water or any other liquid besides water such as broth or soup.

Insert the lipped mantle attachment over the water reservoir. This goes around the heater of the steamer. Insert the dripping tray directly into the mantle.

Place a slotted steam bowl onto the top of the steamer. Fill it with your choice of meat or vegetables. If you need more than one bowl, layer it on top of the other and fill it as well.

Cover the Morphy Richards steamer with the fitted lid. Plug in the steamer.

Set the timer according to the type of food you are preparing. For example, if you are making cod fillet and fresh cauliflower, the timer can be set to 15 minutes. Refer to a Morphy Richards cookbook for cooking time settings and other tips. Once the set time is reached, the steamer will automatically shut-off so you can remove the bowls and enjoy your steamed food.

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