How to Put the Roof Down on a Suzuki Vitara

road image by Patrik Lidaj from

Soft top convertible Suzuki Vitaras have removable soft tops. One of the highlighted benefits of the car is that the top can come down so that drivers and passengers can enjoy pleasant weather freely while driving. New owners of this particular model often face a great deal of confusion when first attempting to remove their convertible soft top, especially if they don't have the owner's manual available as an instructional guide. The process is surprisingly simple. Securing the top back on the car also is easy after you have removed it for the first time.

Locate the clips that sit behind the sun visors on the inside of the car, toward the front.

Push the small red buttons that sit beside the clips to loosen the clips.

Lift up the bottom edge of the soft top where it sits alongside the two back doors. Find the screws that sit near the corners of these doors.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws, then take out the plastic piece that is inside the screws and reinstall the screws with the screwdriver.

Unsnap the available snaps and remove the soft top from the rear belt track.

Find the screws near the two bottom corners of the front doors. Loosen these screws in the same fashion as you did previously with the rear of the car.

Remove the plastic pieces inside the screws and reinstall the screws. Unsnap the soft top from the metal bar at the front of the car where the soft top connects.

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