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How to Troubleshoot a Miele WT2670

Updated February 21, 2017

Miele is a German company that began in 1899 and employs over 16,000 people around the world. Miele makes appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers and dryers. The Miele WT2670 is a washer/dryer combo that is capable of washing separately, drying separately, or washing and drying in a continuous cycle. Several minor problems with the Miele WT2670 can be handled at home before call for service.

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  1. Plug the machine securely into the outlet, replace the fuse or check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped if the display panel is dark and the program selector is not lit up.

  2. Inspect the stopcock to ensure it is open wide and check the inlet hose for bends or kinks if you see "Inlet Fault" in the display.

  3. Recalibrate the sensor to zero if the display shows "<25%" or no load size at all when the drum is full of clothes. To recalibrate, remove the clothing from the machine and switch the power off, but leave the door open. Switch the power on and move the program selector to cottons. Press and hold down the "Load Detergent" button until you see "Zero Setting OK" in the display.

  4. Rotate the drum one time if the display indicates a load greater than 25 per cent when the drum is empty. Zero the sensor if rotating doesn't work.

  5. Run the cotton 95 degree Celsius program and add a powdered detergent but no clothing if you notice a stale smell on the laundry and/or drum.

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