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How to wear ballet heels

Updated July 20, 2017

Originally little more than underground fetish footwear, ballet heels are gradually gaining a limited market among performers and fashion dare devils. With a similar shape to ballet slippers but with an extremely high stiletto on the back of the shoe, these heels are extremely difficult to walk in. Consequently, it is not prudent wear them without practice or unless you are a trained dancer.

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  1. Since ballet heels are a speciality item, few apparel stores stock them. But there are many websites that sell various styles. Visit for a wides selection with prices ranging from £76-$260.

  2. As expected, ballet heels are extremely difficult to walk in. The combination of a seven or eight inch stiletto with a an entirely vertical shoe structure puts almost all of the body's weight on the tips of a wearer's toes. Consequently, being able to walk in ballet heels takes a great deal of patience, practice and tolerance of pain. Before attempting to wear or perform in them in public, take extra time to try them out at home.

  3. Depending on the occasion, wear your ballet heels with any appropriate outfit. You can coordinate them with any normal ensemble for added flair. They are often also used for performances. Recently celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga have successfully worn ballet heels in music videos or on stage.

  4. Warning

    Be careful when practicing walking in ballet heels. It will be painful at first and take a great deal of time to perfect.

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