How to Keep Leather From Squeaking

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Whether you have a pair of vintage cowboy boots or a sleek leather sofa, nothing ruins the enjoyment of leather goods like annoying and persistent squeaking. The nuisance occurs when different parts of the leather dry out or start rubbing against each other.

While the problem is quite noticeable, it is not cause for throwing your leather away. There is a quick and easy process you can follow to revive your leather and cure the squeaking.

Lay out a blanket on the ground and set the leather on top of the blanket. Make sure the blanket is big enough to prevent the leather from touching the ground or you might scuff the surface.

Sprinkle baby powder over all of the leather in a full, even coat. If there are any layers of leather that are doubled over, make sure to lift the layers apart and get powder in between them. For example, shoes have insoles, which should be lifted up for powdering.

Pick up the leather and gently shake it to remove any excess powder. Reapply the powder once more to make sure you got it into all of the crevices and folds.

Dust off the remaining powder and inspect the leather carefully for any metal hardware that could be causing the squeaking. Look for buckles on saddles, springs under couches or nails in shoe soles.

Spray a light layer of penetrating oil onto the metal that you find and allow the oil to coat the item. Use more than one coat if the metal is very dry and continues to make noise.