How to Remove the Paper Backing From Mosaic Tiles

Jupiterimages/ Images

Mosaic tiles are sheets of tiny tiles that come with a mounted paper backing. Although you may be tempted to remove the paper side before placing the tiles onto the setting mixture, that would be the wrong installation method.

The correct method to install these types of tiles is by placing the tiles directly to the setting mixture itself. This application leaves the paper backing facing you. To remove the paper backing from mosaic tiles, follow these tips.

Grab a sponge and dip it into water. Squeeze out the excess water.

Put the wet sponge over the paper backing. Apply water to the paper backing.

Pick a corner to grab the paper. Remove it going diagonally across the tiles. Add more water to the paper if it gets stuck, until paper is completely removed from the group of tiles.

Push loose tiles back into the setting solution. Adjust any tiles that have moved.

Complete the process until you have removed the paper backing from each square of mosaic tile.