How to Find Cemetery Plot Numbers in the UK

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Whether you're interested in your own ancestry and genealogy or just want to visit the grave of an old friend or relative who's passed on, you may have a need to locate a grave. In the United Kingdom, each lot is given a specific number called a cemetery plot number. Rather than plodding through hundreds of plots of relative strangers in search of your loved one, you can locate the plot number to lead you directly to the grave you need.

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Use a free online grave location service to find the plot number. The locator will prompt you to enter as much information as you have including the name of the deceased, the country of burial, the burial, death or birth date and other details. It is not necessary to have all of the details; the locator will search based on the information you provide and return all possible results.

Call or visit the cemetery in person and consult the vicar or groundskeeper. He will have access to burial site records and be able to provide you with the plot number you're looking for. Oftentimes he will take you directly to the site personally.

Access the cemetery's website and perform your own search. While smaller cemeteries may not be online, many larger cemeteries have their own websites that allow you to locate the plot number.

Contact the historical association in the area of the cemetery of interest. If you have no luck with other methods, historical societies sometimes have records that can point you in the right direction, particularly if the person you're searching for was someone of note.

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