How to Make Leo Guys Fall in Love

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Leo is the fifth sign off the zodiac. If the man you're interested in was born from July 23 to August 22, his sun sign is Leo. The Leo man is full of confidence and pride, and although he seems content on his own, he would prefer the company of an admirer. Astrological tips and information for the Leo sun sign can help you in the seduction department. Before you know it, your Leo will be swooning over you.

Flatter and adore him. Compliments go far with the Leo man. He is very independent, but would rather have someone to admire and appreciate him. Overlook his faults and negative qualities; let him know he is always in the limelight by noticing all of his positive qualities and traits.

Flirt and be playful. Be funny. Laugh. Love life. Don't be too serious or dwell on the past, which will turn off your Leo. Leos love to be entertained and love to laugh, so lighten up and enjoy some silly moments with your Leo man.

Dress for success. Look confident. Leo's are turned off by an unkempt and untidy appearance. Always look your best. Now is the time to pay attention to the details: wax your eyebrows, wear make-up that accentuates your best features and forgo the glasses for contacts. Take pride in the way you present yourself to your Leo. Any extra effort spent on bettering your appearance will pay off.

Pour some champagne. Buy the best bottle of champagne you can afford. A little sweet talk and champagne will soften your Leo. Take this opportunity to tell him how you really feel.

Light some candles and bring out your finest massage oils. Leo's erogenous zone is the back and it's his most sensitive area. Leos enjoy lush surroundings and are deeply sensual, so compliment his back while you give him a massage and you'll be pleased with the results.

Invite him on an extravagant weekend getaway and practice all of the above steps. Leos enjoy a life of luxury and will never settle for second best. Lavish him with affection and admiration.

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