How to stop rugs from buckling on carpets

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An area rug is not only a great aesthetic addition to a carpet, it also helps to save it from wear and staining over time. But area rugs can cause problems as well. When an area rug just sits on top of a carpet, its edges create a tripping hazard. Over time, constantly buckled carpet and upturned edges can become permanent deformations in the carpet. Take steps to keep your area rug in place for the safety and beauty of your home.

Place a rug pad underneath the area rug. These inexpensive rubber mats create friction between the area rug and the carpet beneath. This friction keeps the rug from buckling and moving as people walk over it. Look for a rug pad that is just slightly smaller than your area rug.

Apply double-sided carpet tape if your area rug is too large to accommodate a carpet pad. Unlike adhesive tape, carpet tape is coated with a rubber adhesive that allows it to continually keep the area rug in place. Like a mini version of the rug pad, it is placed around the border or at the corners of the area rug on its underside.

Vacuum underneath the area rug before you place the carpet adhesive or pad in place. Don't forget to vacuum under the area rug whenever you vacuum the carpet. Dirt and carpet fluff will reduce the effectiveness of any adhesive tape or padding.

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