How to work out how much carpet gripper you need

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Carpet grippers are wooden strips with metal protrusions that are designed to help hold a carpet in place. These grippers also are commonly referred to as "tackless strips." Measuring a room to see how much carpet gripper you need is one of the first steps to preparing for carpet installation. You can work out how much carpet gripper you will need by making a few simple measurements and calculations.

Measure the length of your room with a tape measure.

Measure the width of your room.

Multiply the width times 2 and the length times 2.

Add these figures together. For example, if your room is 3 m x 3.6 m (10 feet by 12 feet), multiply 3 times 2 to get 6 and 3.6 times 2 to get 7.2. Then add 6 and 7.2 to get 13.2 m (44 feet). You will need 13.2 m (44 feet) of carpet gripper.

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