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How to Unlock Videos on "Street Racing Syndicate"

Updated February 21, 2017

"Street Racing Syndicate" was first released in August 2004 for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube game consoles. A PC version was released in January 2005. Unlike with most racing simulators, "Street Racing Syndicate" features an unlockable, small army of 18 girlfriends that cheer you on and make inspirational videos to get you charged up for the next race. Unlock all 52 videos by successfully winning all 72 of the game's races and challenges.

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  1. Look at your map and review the different crew meets that are happening. Crew meets are one of the types of races in which you can participate and, by winning them, you unlock respect challenges. Win as many crew meets as you can, and the 18 different girlfriends in the game start appearing on your map with what are called "respect challenges."

  2. Look at your map and look at the different respect challenges. One of the potential girlfriends is waiting for you at each of the locations with a challenge for you. Each challenge is different, and specific instructions are given to you at the start of each challenge. Complete the challenges, and the girls will wait for you at your garage, along with all of the cars you have unlocked and purchased throughout the game. Winning a challenge also unlocks one of the videos for the girl you challenge.

  3. Complete any street challenges as they appear on your map, especially if any of the girls leave you after you lose any races. Winning street challenges boosts your respect points, which endears you to the girls again.

  4. Complete all crew meets, street challenges and respect challenges to unlock all of the girls and their videos. Once a girl is in your garage, successfully complete races and other challenges to unlock all of their videos.

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