How to Decalcify a DeLonghi Coffee Machine

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Calcium deposits can build up on the internal parts of a DeLonghi coffee machine and impair its function. Decalcification is the process off stripping away the accumulated calcium in the system. However, some harsh cleaners that dissolve calcium also eat away at the working parts of DeLonghi coffee makers and cleaning agents left in the machine can negatively affect the flavour of the brew. Alternatively, white vinegar can be used as a gentle but effective cleanser. Decalcify your DeLonghi coffee machine regularly for years of reliability and better-tasting coffee.

Fill the coffee machine's reservoir with cold water.

Add 1 tbsp white distilled vinegar for every 5 cups of water in the reservoir or the suggested amount of descaling powder according to the manufacturer. Stir the powder with a long spoon until it has completely dissolved.

Remove the filter and filter basket from the coffee machine.

Plug the DeLonghi coffee maker into an electrical socket.

Place the empty coffee carafe in position on the heat plate to catch the brew.

Flip the machine's ON/OFF switch to start the brewing process.

Empty the carafe when the contents of the reservoir have passed through the machine.

Fill the reservoir with cold water.

Brew the clean water through the machine.

Repeat the water refill and brew process until no vinegar smell or calcium residue is detected in the carafe.

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