How to Strip a Logun S16s

The Logun S16s is a compressed-air firearm. The weapon fires small, plastic BBs propelled by compressed air canisters. Target shooting and small game hunting are the primary methods of use with these guns. The Logun requires no tools for field stripping.

Point the Logun S16s in a safe direction, and check that the safety is on. Unscrew the bottle from the back of the rifle. Turn the bottle counterclockwise to free it from the rifle housing.

Pull the cocking bolt halfway back. Remove the magazine by pulling it out and to the side. Keep your hand underneath the magazine as you pull it out, or it will drop from the rifle.

Turn the rifle upside down, and push out the trigger guard in front of the trigger housing. Pull down and out to remove the entire trigger mechanism.

Pull the rifle bipod toward the back of the rifle until it pops out of the track mount. Set it aside.