How to Disassemble Crosman 2250

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A Crosman 2250 is a pellet rifle that operates on a canister of gas. The Crosman 2250 shoots one pellet at a time from a bolt-action breech that loads just like a firearm. Pellet rifle enthusiasts typically use this type of weapon for plinking, which is shooting at targets in any kind of unofficial gun range setting. The only part of the Crosman 2250 that disassembles is the carbon-dioxide canister when it is emptied. Always follow the safety precautions outlined in the users manual when handling frozen carbon-dioxide gas.

Push the safety button located just behind the trigger to the "On" position, so the red band around the button is no longer visible. Open the bolt-action lever and check the breech chamber for an unfired pellet. Remove it if one is present.

Turn the filler cap located at the front of the action tube counterclockwise until the sound of escaping gas stops. Pull the filler assembly out of the action tube with the barrel pointed down. Remove the empty carbon-dioxide canister from the filler assembly.

Apply a drop of pellet gun oil to the nozzle of the new carbon-dioxide canister with the tip of your finger. This is located at the end of the canister where it bottlenecks down to a thin tube.

Insert the canister into the filler assembly with the nozzle pointing into the action tube. Slide the filler assembly into the action tube and replace the filler cap, twisting it clockwise until it is finger tight.

Pull the bolt-action handle up and back until you hear two clicks. Close the bolt-action. Without loading the pellet gun, push the safety button into the "Off" position and pull the trigger while pointing the rifle in a safe direction. You should hear the gun discharge a small amount of gas, indicating the 2250 is ready to reload and fire as normal.

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