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How to Microwave Bacon With No Towel

Updated February 21, 2017

Microwaving bacon is a popular alternative to skillet browning the meat. When microwaving bacon, it is common to use paper towels to soak up extra grease that releases as the meat is heated. However, microwaving bacon without paper towels will help cook away excess fat due to the extra heat produced by the grease. Microwaving bacon without paper towels is not difficult, requiring only a few simple kitchen supplies and 10 minutes of spare time.

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  1. Lay strips of bacon onto a plastic microwave-safe tray. Do not let the edges touch as this will cause the bacon to stick together once cooked. Additionally, do not allow the bacon to hang over the edges of the tray. If the edges hang over, grease will drip onto your microwave plate, causing a mess that is difficult to clean.

  2. Microwave the bacon on high for one minute per slice. For example, if you are cooking six strips of bacon, microwave them for six minutes. If you prefer your bacon crispy, add one minute to the total cooking time.

  3. Allow the bacon to cool for one minute in the microwave before removing with a pair of oven gloves for safety.

  4. Let the bacon cool for an additional five minutes before serving.

  5. Tip

    Avoid microwaving bacon on ceramic or glass dishes as the intense heat from the grease can cause them to break or crack.

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic microwave-safe tray
  • Oven gloves

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