How to make the calves on boots smaller

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Finding a pair of stylish boots that fit both your feet and your calves presents a challenge for many people. If you have thin calves, one strategy is to try modifying your wardrobe to make the boots tighter by wearing thick socks or wearing the boots over trousers. In order to modify the calves of boots yourself, you need to be confident in your ability to stitch them evenly, and you must be willing to take a chance that the finished product may not look as you'd pictured.

Cut a V-shape into the back of the boot with shearing scissors, starting right above the ankle or a little below the area where the boots are too loose.

Try on the boots and pull the back of the boot tight against your calf and measure the excess boot material around the back of your calf using a tape measure. Measure 1/8 to 1/4 of this amount along both edges of the slit using a tape measure. Fold this length to the inside of the boot and hand-sew in place using a leather-point sewing needle and heavy-duty thread. Repeat this procedure with the other boot.

Measure placements for holes in equal increments, such as ½ inch or 1 inch, and use a leather punch to create holes along the cut edge of the boot.

Weave boot laces through the holes in the back of the boot.

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