How to Repair My Tornado Cotton Candy Machine

young girl eating candyfloss image by Bo Widerberg from

Tornado candyfloss machines, produced by the Gold Medal corporation, work through heat ribbons and come apart for cleaning and storage or transportation. If your machine stops working, contact the manufacturer (see the link in the References section).

In some cases, however, the machine may just require a new part or a cleaning. Never attempt to tamper with the Tornado candyfloss machine's motor unless you have training in electronics.

Clean your machine. Built-up sugar may be preventing the floss from spreading well. Instead of scraping the machine, turn it on to high heat. The sugars should start burning off within a minute or so. Allow your machine to cool down completely before touching it, then try again.

Tornado candyfloss machines are not designed for exposure to water. If you think your machine may have suffered water damage from a cleaning or other situation, contact the manufacturer. Never power on a machine in water.

Check the lockdown screws or quick-lock handle, depending on your model. If this mechanism becomes stuck, your machine will not start. The machine should move around freely when they are disengaged. Always turn on the motor switch before the heat switch.

If you can determine which part is causing the problem, order replacements online from Gold Medal (see link in References section), which can provide floaters, springs, brushes, feet, floss bands, switches and heaters. Read the manual carefully when changing parts; if unsure about how to proceed, consult a professional.