How to Make a Simple Dinosaur Hat

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With a little imagination, you can make a simple dinosaur hat for a child using papier-mache and an assortment of paper, cardboard or pieces of styrofoam. It does take a couple of days for papier-mache to dry.

You can let your child use that time by thinking up designs for the hat by drawing pictures of dinosaurs, looking through dinosaur books and coming up with ideas of what scrap materials to use to make the dinosaur hat look as realistic or as imaginative as possible.

Decide on a dinosaur for your hat. Triceratops, T-Rex, and raptors are only three of a nearly endless number of choices.

Blow up a balloon to about the same size as the child's head. This will be the mould for the dinosaur hat.

Tear pieces of newspaper into strips about 1 inch wide and 6 inches in length.

Make a papier-mache paste by mixing one cup of water with a cup of flour. Add 4 cups of boiling water. Mix the paste for three or four minutes until the paste is of a gluey consistency.

Put the balloon on its side on a table.

Soak the strips of newspaper into the paste and place them on the balloon. Continue putting papier-mache strips onto the balloon until the top side of the balloon is covered with a layer of paper.

Apply two more layers of papier-mache onto the balloon. Let the hat dry on the balloon for two or three days.

Remove the hat by popping the balloon. Trim the hat with scissors. Decorate the hat according to the type of dinosaur selected with pieces of styrofoam and cardboard. For example, you can use egg carton pieces to fashion the base of horns, with paper rolled into a cone glued on top. Allow the glue to dry.

Paint eyes, teeth, scales and skin on the hat using poster paints.

Cut a hole on each side of the bottom of the hat, then tie a string through the holes for a chin strap.