How to Reseal Action Figures

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Whether you are trying to protect your action figure from damage or create a more polished presentation, resealing the toy's packaging will help you to do so. Having the original packaging that came with your action figure can help add to the value, even if it has been resealed.

Keeping the toy in a plastic bubble will help preserve the condition of the toy and will assist you in avoiding damage to it.

Line up all the pieces into the action figure case package. This includes the cardboard backsplash, the bubble that surrounds the toy, the action figure itself as well as any accessories the toy comes with, such as a gun or sword.

Mount any accessories into the bubble by placing the pieces on a strip of double sided tape. Pick up the accessory and the tape with scissors and trim away the excess tape. Place the accessory onto the side of the bubble using tweezers and press into place with the piece of fabric. You want to avoid getting fingerprints onto the tape.

Place the bubble upside down so the open end is facing up. Cut a strip of tape at least a half inch longer on either side than the side of the bubble. Hold the tape between your fingers at either end and gently place down onto the top edge of the bubble. Trim off either end of the tape and any excess using scissors or an x-acto knife. Apply tape using the same method to the other three edges of the bubble.

Lay the action figure onto the cardboard backsplash in the spot the action figure was originally positioned on. Typically the backing will have a solid block of colour to mark the spot. Carefully lay the bubble over the action figure, but do not press down until it is positioned exactly. Once the bubble is pressed down, the tape will adhere to the cardboard and will not be able to be removed without ripping the cardboard, damaging the packaging.

Press down on the edges of the bubble with the piece of fabric to remove any air bubbles. The fabric allows you to do so without leaving any fingerprints.

Slide the cardboard backsplash into the plastic case. Snap the case shut to close. This creates an added layer or protection for the action figure.