How to Obtain a Copy of a Marriage Certificate If Married in Jamaica

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Jamaica provides wedding planning and marriage services to couples from around the world. Marriage records are maintained by the Registrar General's Department. Requests are made online and payments must be made before the record request will be processed.

Marriage records can be ordered as a bride's copy or a traditional copy. The bride's copy of marriage records are not certified and can not be used for official purposes.

Open the Registrar General Department's web page (see References) and click "Services."

Click "Certificate of vital events."

Scroll to and click "Online marriage certificate application."

Complete the online marriage certificate application form and click "Submit application."

Review the application information provided to ensure accuracy. Click "Go back & correct" to make any changes.

Click the type of delivery service you would like in the "Service required" section. Delivery options include seven-day service for £55 U.S. as of January 2011 or regular service for £35 U.S. Regular service takes six to eight weeks for delivery.

Click the drop-down arrow to select the payment option you would like for your order and click "Submit application." You will be taken to a confirmation page and given a record number. If you plan to mail a payment to the Registrar General's office you must include the record number on your money order.

Click "Click here to pay online" if you wish to pay for your record using a credit card. You will be taken to the payment page. Enter your payment information and click "Submit order." Your will be sent a confirmation e-mail once your payment is approved.