How to close an ironing board

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It's a rare person that claims to have laundry on her list of favourite things to do. Laundry day can be even more annoying when you have an inexpensive ironing board and have to fight to close it every time you use it. Many people get so frustrated with trying to close these boards that they leave them up for weeks at a time. Stay away from this situation by learning a trick for quickly closing an inexpensive ironing board.

Remove your iron from the board, along with anything else you may have sitting on the surface.

Stand the ironing board up on its end, with the pointed end sticking up in the air and the flat end sitting on the floor. Have the ironing board legs facing you.

Look under your ironing board on the bottom surface. You will see a lever that looks like the letter L. Push this lever in, away from the bend in the L. This will release the latch that locks the legs in place.

Push the bottom of the legs toward the board. The scissors-type hinge in the middle of the legs will allow the legs to collapse against the underside of the board.

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