How to Make a Teddy Bear Cereal Box Valentine's Day Craft

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Kids love Valentines Day. They wait in anticipation of the paper valentines that they receive from their school friends. Many teachers have the children in the class create a bag or box in which to collect their classmates' Valentine cards.

Young children will enjoy making their own Teddy Bear Valentine box at home using a leftover cereal box and construction paper.

Cut the cereal box in half using a knife. This task should be done by an adult. Dispose of the top half of the box.

Cover the bottom half of the box with brown construction paper. Glue the paper to the box using craft glue. Wrap the paper over the top opening of the box and glue it down. Cover all exposed sides of the box.

Draw the pieces for the teddy bear on construction paper with a pencil. Draw a 6 inch circle for the head, two 2 inch circles for the ears and four 3 inch circles for the hands and feet using brown construction paper. Draw an oval approximately 3 inches across on white construction for the muzzle. Draw a heart on pink or red construction paper.Cut out the pieces for the teddy bear.

Glue the oval on the teddy bear's face creating the bear's muzzle. Draw a nose and mouth on the muzzle using a black marker. Glue large wiggly eyes above the muzzle. Shade in the cheeks with a pink crayon. Glue the ears on the head. Bend the ears forward slightly.

Apply craft glue to the back of the bottom portion of the head. Glue the head along the front edge of the covered cereal box.

Fold down about ΒΌ of each of the 3 inch circles. Glue two of the folded circles along the upper side edges of the box creating arms. Glue the other two circles along the bottom edge of the box for the feet.

Write the child's name on the heart with a black marker.Glue the construction paper heart onto the teddy bear's chest. Add additional pink and red hearts to the back and sides of the box if desired.

Use your Teddy Bear box to hold your valentines.