How to Choose the Correct Grade of Carpet

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Buying new carpeting can be a confusing experience. Carpeting comes in many materials from many manufacturers, in a variety of grades and colours. Salespeople can be aggressive, making promises that no type of carpeting can really fulfil. The best way to begin your carpet-buying excursion is to educate yourself as much as possible before you enter the store. Know how much carpeting you will need and what type of traffic occurs in each room. If you have children or pets, you may need carpeting with special wear and stain resistance.

Examine your current carpeting for wear patterns. Flooring will usually show areas of high traffic, stains from eating and drinking and other evidence of wear.

Determine the wear needs of the room. A lower grade of carpeting may be suitable for a bedroom that sees little foot traffic. High-traffic areas like family rooms, living rooms and hallways require a higher, longer-wearing grade of carpet.

Research carpeting materials. Some types of carpeting, like Berber, are longer wearing and are easier to clean.

Visit several carpet stores. Learn the range of carpet grades at each store

Examine the carpet fibre of each grade. Notice the depth of the pile and the thickness of the fibres.

Look at the carpet backing. Higher-grade carpeting has fibres that are tightly bound to the backing and close together. This type of carpeting will resist wear and crushing from traffic.

Choose the grade suitable for each type of room usage.

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