How to keep muffins from getting soggy

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A batch of muffins yields enough to last for several days. The problem is that muffins are prone to getting soggy if they aren't used quickly. Making sure you follow some simple baking techniques and storage ideas can ensure your muffins are fresh and ready to use for longer periods of time.

Follow these methods and you can have fresh muffins for breakfast or lunch anytime.

Bake muffins without paper baking cups to avoid the paper holding moisture during baking that leaches back into the muffins later. Paper absorbs moisture that would evaporate during baking without the cups, the moisture in the paper is then reabsorbed by the muffins when cooled, making them soggy on the bottom. Use cooking spray or grease your muffin pans and bake them directly in the pan for best results.

Remove the muffins from the pan as soon as possible to allow them to breathe and reduce the excess moisture in the base of the muffin. Cooling muffins completely in the pan locks in the steam and moisture for the entire cooling process, making for a wetter muffin. Allow them too cool in the muffin pan only for the amount of time recommended in your particular recipe, or remove them as soon as they are firm enough to handle and lift from the pan without breaking.

Store muffins you will eat the same day or the next day on a plate under a sheet of waxed paper. Do not seal the muffins in or wrap the waxed paper around them. Instead, lay a sheet of waxed paper over the top that overlaps the muffins. Do not store muffins in this method longer than 24 hours.

Freeze excess muffins by wrapping them in aluminium foil and placing them inside freezer-storage bags, and thawing when ready to use. This is an excellent method for using individual muffins. Wrap each one in foil, and place several in a freezer bag. Remove one or two at a time as needed, thaw them overnight for use in the morning, or defrost in the toaster oven. You can thaw a muffin overnight in the foil, then place it in a lunch, and by the time it is ready to be eaten, the temperature will be just right.

Store muffins for up to two days in a paper bag. The bag keeps the muffins fresh but does not trap moisture inside or promote mould.