How to Make Your Own Houses for Your Christmas Village

Christmas Wonderland image by JASON WINTER from

Elaborate Christmas villages are a fun collector's item that includes houses, railroads, trees, homes and vegetation. If you're looking to build up your village, but you don't want to spend a lot of money, it is possible to create unique houses with a few simple items.

Many Christmas village houses are made from formed cardboard, but you can also easily make them into the shapes you want by using block styrofoam.

Cut a styrofoam block into the shape of a house using a box cutter. Cut out recessed sections to look like windows and doors. Cut a small piece of styrofoam in the shape a chimney and glue it to the roof.

Glue a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the house to be a "yard."

Spread craft glue on the main part of the house (minus the doors, windows and chimney) with a small paint brush.

Sprinkle one colour of glitter onto the main portion of the house. Allow to dry before moving on.

Spread more glue onto the windows, doors and chimney and carefully sprinkle an opposing colour of glitter onto those sections. Take care keep the areas with different colours separate from each other. Allow to dry.

Use a glitter glue squeeze-on tube to create trim around the top of the house and around the windows and doors.

Cut and glue green turf material onto the cardboard yard.

Spray snow flocking lightly onto the top of the house and yard. Allow to dry before moving.