How to make a Magenta fancy dress

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Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult film about an engaged couple who becomes lost in the middle of a storm and stops off at Dr. Frank-N-Furter's to call for help. Frank-N-Furter's home is full of a cast of strange and bizarre characters, including the maid, Magenta. Fans of the show attend interactive screenings, often dressed as their favourite characters. If you want to dress as Magenta for an interactive showing of the movie or are planning on dressing as her for Halloween, making your own costume takes little time and money.

Dye your hair auburn. You can use a rinse out that lasts a couple of days or a permanent colour. Or if you do not want to dye your hair, purchase a wig.

Wash your hair towel dry the night before you want to dress up. Braid your hair with 20 to 30 small braids while it is still wet. Tie the ends of the braids off with rubber bands and sleep on the wet braids. When you are ready to dress up, remove the braids.

Spray your hair with a heavy layer of hairspray. Use a brush to backcomb your hair. Back-combing is when you hold a section of your hair and comb from ends to roots. This creates frizz and volume.

Part your hair down the centre and spray it with hairspray a second time to hold.

Use hair clips to pin a white maid's cap into your hair. You can find maid's caps in costume shops and sometimes in thrift stores.


Apply a very light or white coloured liquid foundation. Do not white out your entire face; just give yourself a pale look.

Line your eyebrows with a dark brown or black to pencil.

Draw the outline of your eyelids using a purple eye pencil. Fill this shape in with brown and purple eye shadow. The top of the eyelid, from the crease up, should be purple and below the crease should be brown. Add white lipstick to the space between your eyebrow and the top of the purple eye shadow.

Line your upper and lower eyelids with a thick, black line. Use a liquid liner if possible to get clean dark line. Add black mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Or if you prefer, add fake lashes in jet black.

Define you're a lips using a glossy, red lip colour. You want a true red, not one with a pinkish look. Paint your nails bright red. Allow them to dry.

The clothes

Wear a black French maid's costume. If possible find one with suspender style straps for the apron. Look at speciality costume shops for these. The dress should have sleeves with white cuffs and a white collar. Use a stitch remover to remove the thread from the first inch of the collar on the right side. This gives Magenta a more dishevelled look, like in the movie.

Wear sheer black pantyhose.

Wear a pair of black granny boots. These can be found a shoe stores or at local thrift stores. Granny boots are high heeled boots which come up to the calf.

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