How to Remove a New Beetle's Rear Bumper

If your Volkswagen New Beetle is involved in a rear-end collision or some other type of accident, your rear bumper may be badly damaged. In this case, it is important to replace the bumper as soon as possible. Removal of the old bumper is the first step to take.

Although not too onerous a task, it is very involved and you must remove several fasteners in order for the bumper to become loose enough for you to pull it off.

Place the jack under the rear of the vehicle and raise it up. Use a wheel wrench to remove the nuts and remove the wheel cover. Remove both rear wheels from the vehicle.

Remove 10 screws from the left-side inner rear wheel arch with a Torx screwdriver. Remove the single bolt with a socket wrench. Repeat the procedure with the right-side inner rear wheel arch.

Use the Torx screwdriver to remove the 10 screws all along the bottom of the rear bumper. Remove the two bolts on each side of the bumper using a socket wrench.

Remove the seven screws and two bolts along the top of the bumper. Pull the bumper off the vehicle. It would help if you had another person aiding you when removing the bumper off the vehicle.