DIY Bongo Stand

bongos image by dead_account from

Making a stand for your bongos may sound like something that requires years of shop experience, but you can make one all by yourself using some PVC pipes. PVC pipes have long been used to make shelving and a bongo stand is just a specialised, single-purpose shelf. Simply create a rectangular frame from PVC pipes.

The bongos will be cradled at the top between the PVC pipes.

Measure your bongo drum set for length, width, and depth. Place the measuring tape on the top of the pair of bongos so that it measures from the far side of one bongo drum to the far side of the other bongo drum. Write down this number as the width. Then measure the length of the bongo by placing the tape on just one drum and measuring the diameter of the bongo drum. Finally measure the depth of the bongos by measuring from the top of one bongo drum to it's bottom. Do not make the tape conform to the curve of the drum. Just measure straight up and down.

Buy four PVC pipes that are 10 per cent longer than your length, four PVC pipes that are 10 per cent longer than your width, and four PVC pipes that are 10 per cent longer than your depth. The extra 10 per cent is to give you room to secure the pipes as well as some "wiggle" room in case you make a mistake. Buy four six-hole connectors for the corners. Put on latex gloves before moving to the next step to protect yourself from the epoxy adhesive.

Apply a thin layer of epoxy resin on the ends of the pipes and then squeeze them into the connectors to make a rectangle. The length pipes should all be parallel to each other, and the same goes for all the other dimensions of pipes. Hold the assembly together. Use the PVC saw to cut off the unfilled holes on the connectors, if you want to clean up the look of the bongo stand. Alternatively, you can simply cap the ends with PVC pipe caps, they will hold on by themselves or you can use more epoxy resin to further secure them.