How Do I Make Someone Look Dead Using Photoshop?

zombie 70 image by chrisharvey from

Using Adobe Photoshop to make yourself or friends look like dead people can be a fun pastime. While it may sound simple, it can actually take quite awhile. It is best to arrange appropriate time intervals to work thoroughly on this task. This way, you will be able to produce the highest quality piece of work.

Open a picture in Photoshop. Click "File," then "Open," and find the file you want to create into the dead. Click "Okay" when selected.

Duplicate the image. Right-click on the layer in the "Layers" window, found at the bottom right corner of the program. Click "Duplicate" on the menu that appears.

Remove the eyes. Select "Clone Stamp" from the tool menu. Change the edge to a feather edge and begin clone stamping the pupil out. Do this by holding "CTRL" and "A" on the keyboard while dragging the mouse through the white area. Then release your grip and drag it through the pupil. Repeat until the eye is no longer visible.

Insert a texture. Open an image that has a visible texture on it like grain or sand. Press "CTRL" and "A" to select the image. Press "CTRL" and "X" to cut the image. Return to your main photo and press "CTRL" and "V".

Fix the texture. Under the "Blend" selection, select "Multiply." Reduce the "Opacity" by dragging the bar to the left. Leave it at 50 per cent. Select the "Rub" tool and rub the excess texture out. Rub around the eyes, leaving the other parts of the face still textured.

Lighten the picture skin. Select "Image" from the menu bar, then select "Brightness/Contrast." Raise the brightness until the image looks pale. Increase the contrast so that faded lines reappear. Click "OK."

Distort the person. Using the "Burn Tool," burn around the eyes of the individual. Emphasise on the under areas of the eyes, and reduce the opacity as you burn away from them. Burn the lips to make them darker.

Create bruises. Change the burn tool to "Shadows" and use it on the side areas of the face. The neck is also a suitable location.

Create blood spots. Click the "Shape" tool in the left-hand "Tools" menu. Select a shape that looks like grunge and change its colour to a deep red. Reduce opacity to 25 per cent, then place it directly under the eye.

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