How to Mix Snazaroo Face Paint

Painted face girl image by il gitano from

Snazaroo face paints are commonly used by professional face painters. Brushes and sponges are the two main tools used to draw lines, sponge patterns and mix colours. Mixing colours is a technique that can generate designs that look both beautiful and professional.

There are many different face painting techniques that involve mixing colours. Here are three face-paint-mixing skills that will allow you to be more creative with your Snazaroo colour palette.

Load a medium round brush with the first colour by dipping your brush in water and then rubbing on Snazaroo face paint until you have a creamlike consistency on the brush.

Load only the tip of the brush with a second colour.

Press the brush down, tip first, to make a thin line, then drop the stroke and press harder, progressively getting thicker to make a tear drop shape. Colours will blend from one to the other and make an elegant mark that can be used to make flower petals, blood drops, or and accent for beautiful designs.

Load a sponge with the first colour by dipping the edge of the sponge in a little bit of water, then rubbing it onto the Snazaroo face paint in circular motions.

Press the sponge to the face you are painting and us firm, circular motions to fill the desired area. Let the first colour dry.

Load another sponge with a different colour. This time do not use circular motions. Instead, lightly dab the second colour over the first colour. This method of mixing colours contrasts and blends at the same time.

Choose colours for your face painting cake.

Clean an empty, round 18ml Snazaroo face painting container.

Moisten colours you desire to add to your face painting cake by spraying them with water. Allow time for moisture to seep in.

Once moist, cut a thin strip of the first colour and place it on the empty 18ml Snazaroo container. Do the same with your second, third, fourth and fifth colour until the empty container is full of different colours. The beginning and ending colours will have to be fit in the rounded edges, but excess can be put back its original container. Premade multicoloured face painting cakes also can be purchased online (see Resources).

Select a sponge that has a flat surface as wide as the face painting cake.

Slightly wet the edge of the sponge.

Press the edge of the sponge along the edge of the multicoloured cake. If colours do not lift well, apply a little more water and repeat the process, making sure that the colours line up with the previous attempt to lift colour.

Apply multicolors to the face by pressing and dragging across the desired area.