How to Make a Spider Web Out of Rope & Knots

cordage design image by rachid amrous-spleen from

For the best decorated house on the block during Halloween, you can make a spider web out of rope and knots that is as big as your house. You can customise homemade spider web to fit wherever you want it to. Adding large spiders as props will add to the creepy look and feel of the giant-sized web.

Create a large rectangle from rope. The size of your rectangle will depend on how large of an area you want your spider web to cover. Tie loops in each corner of the rectangle so those points can serve as hanging points for the web.

Secure the spider web in a large area such as a backyard. Secure the spider web corners with stakes driven into the ground, placing one in each corner.

Create the web radials with several pieces of rope. My Mania suggests using four pieces of rope for this step. Criss-cross each piece of rope, securing each end to the outside of the rectangle by tying a knot.

Secure each radial knot with fabric glue to keep them in place.

Create the spiral webbing with a single piece of rope. Tie the rope each time it intersects with a radial. You can also use fabric glue to secure these knots.

Hang your spider web from large nails and add a large spider for a prop.

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