How to make a silk ribbon pansy

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The charming pansy flower is a spring favourite. By making artificial pansies from violet and yellow ribbon, the flower can serve as a long-lasting decoration on an Easter bonnet or headband. Or, you could attach the silk pansies to a natural branch with a hot glue gun for a spectacular centrepiece. By placing the branch in a decorative vase and hanging some miniature dyed eggs from loops of ribbon, you will create an elegant addition to the dining table or buffet.

Thread the needle with the thread and knot one end.

Sew a line of 1/4-inch-long basting stitches along one long edge of the ribbon, 1/4 inch from the ribbon edge.

Draw up the thread to create a 12-inch-long gathered length of ribbon.

Fold over the end closest to the needle at a right angle and take two small stitches to secure the centre of the pansy flower.

Spiral the gathered ribbon around the centre, securing the pansy petal loops with small stitches every 2 inches. Secure the ribbon end to the back of the completed pansy with small stitches.

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