How to make a mascot head

mascot image by Clarence Alford from

Mascots are said to bring good luck to whatever they represent. That would explain why so many sporting teams, schools and companies are using them to create excitement and entertainment for various events.

While there are companies that make mascots professionally, they can be an expensive alternative to making your own. Put your creative mind to work and create a unique mascot head yourself.

Sketch the design you want to create for the mascot head. It's important to have a visual of what you will be making so you can refer back for direction.

Use the utility knife to cut a large hole into the centre of the foam to create a head opening. One way to measure this is to use a football helmet as a guide.

Cut the foam vertically every 3 inches. This will help with placement of the battery operated fan. Do not separate the sections--keep them together as much as possible.

Pin each section to the next so that it maintains the structure. This will not be a permanent bond but will help with shaping the head.

Shape the head with the utility knife and using the sketch as a guide. Once the shape is complete, make two eye holes and cut out the area for the mouth.

Remove the pins holding the foam together. Cut a small section out of the top of the head but do not cut through the foam. Insert the battery operated fan into the top of the head and secure with Velcro. This will keep the person inside the mask cool.

Spray the foam pieces one by one with adhesive glue to bond it together permanently. Be careful in the placement of each piece so it is correct. When all pieces are glued together, spray entire head to seal completely.

Cut the fabric to the desired amount to cover the head. Using the adhesive glue, spray the entire head again and shape the fabric around it. Press down hard to give the fabric a clean look. Tuck the fabric under and into the interior of the head. Secure the edges of the fabric to the foam by sewing around the interior edges. Cut out the eyes, mouth and vent area.

Measure and cut the thin window screen to fit over each eye area. Stretch and pin it to create a seamless look. Using the heavy duty thread, sew the screen over the eye area. Follow the same directions with the mouth area.