How to Build a TENS Unit

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TENS is an abbreviation for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. You can use a TENS unit for pain relief in muscles. Place electrodes from the unit on the skin where a muscle is in pain, and run a small amount of electrical current through the skin to the tissues, sometimes causing a tingling sensation or a twitch.

Print the diagram, and label it with any alterations you will make to its parts.

Gather your parts and tools and prepare your soldering iron.

If you are going to place your unit in a case, measure your parts and cut out the appropriate holes for switches, LED, and muscle wires. You may want to label the outside of your case.

Using your diagram, assemble and connect your parts and wires with the soldering iron, or bread board. Start with your timer and work outward, paying close attention to negative and positive charges.

Insert the completed unit into a case if desired. Read the warnings below, then test your unit, using the TENS Placement Chart)

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