How to Trace Unknown Numbers on Mobile Phones

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Most mobile phone users have experienced a prank call from an unknown phone number or a missed call from an unknown phone number. In order to track down the caller that has been contacting you through the unknown phone number, you'll need to use a reverse telephone tracing service. Most of these services are online and are free or relatively inexpensive. They work like a regular telephone directory search, but they use the unknown telephone number to track down its owner.

Turn on your computer and log in to your Internet service provider.

Pull-up your web browser and go to a reverse phone directory website. The reverse phone directory at provides a free unknown number search. How to Find People by Phone at provides an unknown number search for a small fee.

Turn on your mobile phone and look up the unknown number. On most mobile phones, the numbers received by your phone are documented under the "missed" or "received" call menu. Check your phone's user manual for specific instructions on how to access the phone numbers received by your cell phone.

Type the unknown number into the search window at the reverse telephone search service website. Make sure the numbers you type into the website match the numbers on your mobile phone.

Hit "return" or "enter," depending on your computer's keyboard configuration. Within minutes, the reverse telephone search service will give you the name and address of your unknown caller.

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