How to Connect a TV Aerial Socket Connection

coaxial cable image by Albert Lozano from

The aerial connection on the back of most TV sets accommodates a coaxial cable that hooks up on the other end to an antenna. The F-connectors on each end of the coaxial cable rotate freely around the connection jacks on the antenna and TV, so the cable locks onto both components and cannot pull out accidentally.

Each connector also contains a single metal pin that inserts into the centre hole on the socket for the TV aerial connection and the antenna base.

Turn off the TV and unplug the antenna's electrical cord from the wall outlet, if you use an amplified antenna.

Push on the connector at one end of the cable to the socket marked "ANT IN," or similar labelling, on the rear of the TV set. Twist the connector clockwise to secure it to the socket.

Attach the other end of the aerial cable to the antenna base and tighten the fastener on the cable end.