How to Remove an Audi A8 Dash

Removing the dash from your Audi A8 is useful if you need to a install stereo or other electronics, or if you are troubleshooting an interior rattling noise. The procedure is relatively straightforward and will require approximately an hour of your time.

Using the flathead screwdriver, pry off the lower dash panel covers on the left side of your dash, under the air vent and on the right side of the steering wheel under the windshield wiper stalk, using a flat screwdriver with the tip wrapped in electrical tape.

Remove the Allen-head screws under the lower dash panel covers.

Pull the lower dash panel off to expose the retaining screws which hold the remainder of the dash in place.

Remove the remaining Allen-head screws and the dash panel will drop directly down.

Open your glove box and remove the Allen screws that run along the top of the glove box and along the bottom edge.

Pull the glove box out of the dashboard, and then remove the remaining Allen screws that are exposed after removing the glove box.

Pull the dash panel toward the back of the car to remove it.

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