How to Change the Exhaust on a 50CC Scooter

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Changing the exhaust on a scooter with a 50 cubic centimetre (cc) engine is a bolt-on affair. Scooters are small versions of motorcycles with upright seating, made with ease of assembly and ease of repair in mind. A 50cc version is among the smaller scooters offered.

As such, that means its associated parts, including the exhaust, are correspondingly lighter.

Turn off the scooter engine. Place the scooter up on a motorcycle (or scooter) stand, with the bottom frame resting atop the stand. The wheels should rotate freely. The stand provides a work platform and help you avoid backache. Put on latex gloves and a face mask to absorb carbon dust given off during installation.

Locate all metal straps securing the exhaust pipe to the structure of the 50cc scooter. The location and number of straps will differ depending upon the make and model of scooter. There will be a minimum of three. Remove all bolts with a wrench or power driver.

Tug gently to remove the muffler. Support the exhaust pipe with your hand so it comes off evenly with the muffler. The header pipe, which rests on top of the engine itself, may get snagged on a structural member or a radiator vane. Gently work the pipe back and forth to free it.

Slip the new exhaust on the bike by first threading the header port on to the top of the engine. Place the straps over the pipes and thread the bolts by hand. Insert the bolts in just enough so that the straps can support the weight of the exhaust, but do not tighten them. Bolt the strap nearest the engine first to ensure the header sits properly on the engine. Then tighten the strap nearest the muffler. lastly, tighten down the rest of the straps in the middle.

Give the exhaust a gentle push: it should not wiggle or move. If it does. tighten all bolts until it stays put. Wipe down any carbon dust that has deposited on the scooter so it does not pit the paint.